Forbidden History of the Nephilim

Nephilim were the result of unions between the “sons of God” and daughters of men. A ten minute survey provides sources of our knowledge about Nephilim, who dominated pre-flood world in video, Forbidden History of The Nephilim.” The Watchers were race of blonde giants traced to 9000BC Sumer, who engaged human women in sex to produce giant Antediluvian race called the Nephilim. Book of Enoch remains our primary source of knowledge on Nephilim origins. Narrator shows his fascination, for both, the Nephilim, and belief, Book of Enoch dropped from Bible at Council of Nicaea, AD 325, due to its forbidden subject matter. The loss of Library of Alexandria in 48 BC with its contents – hundreds of thousands of ancient scrolls – represents another reason why we know little about the Nephilim, today.

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