Fukushima Radiation Now Detected In the U.S. Food Supply

Fukushima Radiation Now Detected In the U.S. Food Supplyfrom naturalnews.com: Scores of experts and analysts have feared for months that it would happen, and now it has: Radiation from the heavily damaged nuclear power plants at Japan’s Fukushima complex has made it into the seafood chain off the coast of America. Small amounts of cesium-137 and cesium-134, both radioactive elements released after a major earthquake-caused tsunami damaged at least three reactors at the site along Japan’s northeastern coast in March 2011, have been found in at least 15 tuna that were recently caught off the coast of California… the fact that any radioactive contamination has showed up off the nation’s coastline at all should be cause of concern because… it’s hard to say what levels of contamination in our food are ultimately dangerous enough to cause harm.

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