gay anarchist group storms michigan church service in protest

or, as the catholics put it: leftist perverts launch coordinated
attack on church during sunday service

from nbc25online: Some churches are fighting back after a self-proclaimed gay anarchist group stormed into a Mid-Michigan Church. It happened at Mount Hope Church in Lansing. The Eaton County Sheriff’s office was called in and is investigating. Reports say that protesters were outside the church beating on buckets and using megaphones to shout “Jesus is a homo” as church-goers went in for morning services. According to those reports, half of the protesting group was dressed to blend in with the church-goers and entered the church. Once inside they reportedly pulled fire alarms, handed out pamphlets and yelled at parishioners. They also were said to have stormed the pulpit and held up a large rainbow colored flag that read “It’s Okay To Be Gay! Bash Back”.

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