Geopolitiks: Catholic Criminals, USrael & More

Video: Vatican wants ‘wiggle room’ for rape & torture of children*
Vatican wants 'wiggle room' for rape & torture of childrenVatican confirms report of sexual abuse & rape of nuns by priests in 23 countries*
Ignoring child rape scandals, Pope says faith means not being ‘intimidated’ by ‘petty gossip’*
UK protesters demand Pope quits over abuse*
Catholic church is a criminal enterprise*
Pope urges ‘bygones’ in man-boy sex scandal*
Mumbai terrorist was US agent*
NYTimes: american terror suspect traveled unimpeded*
Russian geopolitical analyst: ‘WWIII has already begun’*
Athens bomb follows Russian attack*
RAF jets scrambled twice this month for terrorist alerts*
UK tabloid says Israel ‘forged thousands of ID’s*
NY rep assures Israel: no worries about $3b ‘aid’ funding*
Iran nuclear scientist defects to US in CIA ‘intelligence coup’*
Brown could remain PM if queen blocks 2nd general election*
S Africa to kick homeless off streets before World Cup*
Tories promise to create ‘neighbourhood army’*
In gentrifying Berlin, revenge of the anarchists*

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