geopolitiks/warwhores: pick up the gun

video: obama supplying heavy weapons to libyan insurgents*
obama supplying heavy weapons to libyan insurgentswhy is the federal reserve propping up the bank of libya?*
over 100 killed in quran burning protests in afghanistan*
video: koran burning prompts ‘days of rage’*
will libya stalemate force US out of its back-seat role?*
obama & paul on libya, clinton on syria: fact check*
text of new qaddafi letter to obama*
arab spring: the israeli factor*
americans still dying in iraq…14 so far this year*
goldstone regrets saying israel purposely killed gazans*
ivory coast strongman says he’s not stepping down*
portugal admits financial defeat and asks eu for €80bn bailout*
petraeus tipped to take over cia*
special ops university opens today at macdill*
navy f-18 crashes in california field*
2 killed in navy jet crash near lemoore, ca*

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