ghosts of admins past & present: tillman, torture, war & more

flashbacks: deliberate & calculated lies about tillman & lynch &
officers blamed for tillman case errors

tillman’s parents want general’s record reviewed
tillman's parents want general's record reviewedfrom ap: The parents of slain Army Ranger and NFL star Pat Tillman voiced concerns Tuesday that the general who played a role in mischaracterizing his death could be put in charge of military operations in Afghanistan. In a brief interview with The Associated Press, Pat Tillman Sr. accused Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal of covering up the circumstances of the 2004 slaying. “I do believe that guy participated in a falsified homicide investigation,” Pat Tillman Sr. said. Separately, Mary Tillman called it “imperative” that McChrystal’s record be carefully considered before he is confirmed.

video: rumsfeld greeted as ‘war criminal’ at white house correspondents dinner

obama admin reverses itself, won’t release detainee abuse photos
from thinkprogress: Last month, the Pentagon agreed to comply with a court order and release dozens of photos showing abuse of detainees by American captors. Now the White House has reversed course, and will object to the court order: “The president ‘believes their release would endanger our troops,’ a White House official says, adding that the president ‘believes that the national security implications of such a release have not been fully presented to the court‘.” Yesterday, conservatives were outraged about the potential release, claiming that the photos would incite future terrorists. Of course, at the very same time, they ardently defended the actual tactics depicted in the photos.

evangelicals wrestle with torture issue & more broken promises: obama’s military commissions, detainee photos betrayal

oh, but now al qaeda’s global base is pakistan, petraeus says
from wsj: Senior leaders of al Qaeda are using sanctuaries in Pakistan’s lawless frontier regions to plan new terror attacks and funnel money, manpower and guidance to affiliates around the world, according to a top American military commander. Gen. David Petraeus, who oversees the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, said in an interview that Pakistan has become the nerve center of al Qaeda’s global operations, allowing the terror group to re-establish its organizational structure and build stronger ties to al Qaeda offshoots in Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, North Africa and parts of Europe. The comments underscore a growing U.S. belief that Pakistan has displaced Afghanistan as al Qaeda’s main stronghold. “It is the headquarters of the al Qaeda senior leadership,” said the general, who took the helm of the military’s Central Command last fall.

navy seal jesse ventura volunteers to waterboard cheney

pipeline-istan: everything you ever wanted to know about oil, gas, russia, china, iran, afghanistan & the obama administration

update1: pelosi says cia misled lawmakers on torture
from mcclatchy: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi charged Thursday that U.S. intelligence officials had misled Congress about the use of torture on terrorism suspects. The California Democrat recalled a September 2002 briefing in which “the only mention of waterboarding at that briefing was that it was not being employed… But we also now know that techniques including waterboarding had already been employed, and that those briefing me in September 2002 gave me inaccurate and incomplete information.”

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