swine flu updates: exploitation, human error & labs

bilderberg to exploit flu to strengthen world health regulations*
1st look: swine flu virus revealedUS not out of woods yet, obama warns, as flu cases nearly double*
3 flu shots? obama weighs first-ever vaccine increase*
new flu spreads to australia, now common in US*
US records third swine flu death*
audio: 1976 swine flu response haunts health officials*
humans & hogs may eat their way to flu resistance*

egypt holiday hell as family quarantined & held at gunpoint*
swine flu could hit one in three*
swine flu: lessons for a biological terrorism event*
who investigates claim that swine flu may be human error*
the mutated influenza pig virus story*
did the swine flu evolve in a lab?*
h1n1 virus: manufactured or result of ‘human error’?*
swine flu may have escaped from a laboratory*

updates from may15:
fewer than a third in US would get swine flu jab*
# of new influenza patients tops 6,000 worldwide; 65 dead*
world stands on the brink of biological war*
nyc closing schools to deal with flu outbreak*
scottish govt to buy up enough swine flu vaccine for entire population*

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