‘globesization’: research says market policies, fast food driving obesity

from emaxhealth: Researchers suggest it’s free market policies that may be driving obesity. In a study, the investigators found higher numbers of fast food restaurants in a given populated area is linked to obesity rates. Since the advent of trade liberalization policies in the 1980’s, there are more restaurants that serve high calorie fast foods, which also correlates with obesity trends; seen primarily in wealthier countries. The researchers, from University of Michigan, say it comes as no surprise that countries like the UK, New Zealand, Canada and the United States have the highest rates of obesity, which also correlates with liberal global market trade policies.

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    'Free Markets'?? They're kidding, right? When have we lived in a free market? Obesity is connected to junk food that is mostly based on corn. Corn is heavily subsidized by the Federal government making it artificially cheap. Consequently, it is the main ingredient for most junk food. Further, it is fed to cows (rather than grass) depressing the price of beef even further, making fast food affordable and attractive to most people. It has nothing to do with 'free markets', on the contrary under a free market the prices of junk food would be considerably higher, forcing many to choose healthier alternatives. Freedom isn't the problem, government is the problem.

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