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Google Drones Launch In Africa

from fastcompany.com: The World Wildlife Fund and Google are teaming up
to deploy a fleet of anti-poacher UAVs in Africa. The goal? Survey and
stop rhino poachers.

Google-funded drones will fight rhino poachers in Africa. On Tuesday, Google announced the disbursement of a 5 million dollar grant
to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to purchase a fleet of drone aircraft
in Africa. The WWF already uses trackers in Nepal to protect endangered

The $5 million grant is part of Google's Global Impact Award program and
will help the WWF acquire an undisclosed number of lightweight
“conservation drones,” which are launched by hand and can fly
approximately 18 miles. According to Mother Jones' Dana Liebelson, the WWF will use the drones to track African ivory poachers

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