McAfee’s Rise And Downfall Via Technology

McAfee's Rise And Downfall Via TechnologyJohn McAfee, a pioneer developer of anti-virus software that grew into McAfee Associates, was arrested Wednesday in Guatemala after nearly a month as a fugitive from murder in Belize. McAfee’s neighbor, Gregory Faull “… reportedly complained about McAfee’s rowdy lifestyle and his pack of dogs that occasionally bit passersby. On Nov. 9, four of the dogs died of poisoning. Two days later, Faull was shot in the head in his home,” reports Yahoo News. McAfee was located when “…journalists released an iPhone photo [here] with metadata that included the exact coordinates of McAfee’s location. They were in Rio Dulce, a small town near Guatemala’s Caribbean coast not far from the Belize border.” McAfee amassed fortune of $100 million, which evaporated to single digits with dwindling economy. Tech giveth and tech taketh away!

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