Government’s War Against the Citizens: Farmers Being Arrested for Trying to Survive

Farmers in America are increasingly being subject to fines or even prison sentences for selling food directly to customers.

from The US government is now acting as if The
Constitution never existed, as they kill with impunity, arrest peaceful
farmers, and ensure their dominance.
They have destroyed all economic
opportunity with regulations and other tools for dominance. Now, with
almost no opportunity to start a prosperous business or find a niche in
the economy farmers and others are starting to disobey the laws and
regulations, because they inhibit progression, because they have to. 

A human must survive, and The Constitution is
there so our economic opportunity and freedom is not stifled, so people
can trade as they will.
It may seem surprising, but why do you think
there are so few jobs, and the jobs that DO exist are working for huge
corporations? Why do you think it is nearly impossible to start a
business, there are so many homeless people, why houses and property
might cost so much? 

Because of things like property taxes, ridiculous
regulations that pretend to perform a necessary function for society,
when in reality, all they do is ensure that the huge corporations stay
huge, while small businesses are being robbed too much by the government
to grow and prosper. Without the taxes and regulations, we could all be
prosperous. We could provide the services for our society, that
government takes tax money to provide. 

We could have voluntary taxes, and they will be SO
much less . Things would look a lot different. The USDA and FDA are
going after farmers who distribute their goods with private contracts
such as leasing arrangements and herd shares, deals that are under the
table and separate from the unnecessary and mafia-like system of
requiring inspections, state/local retail licenses, etc.
Say a farmer, a
human being, wants to start growing and selling good in order to

There is one problem- this man needs inspections,
licenses that cost money, or he will get locked in a cage for simply
trying to earn a living and survive without being severely inhibited. In
this country now, one can’t simply start from nothing, and with hard
work, work their way up to prosperity. One can’t even retire completely
or ever stop paying their hard earned money to the government, because
of property taxes and other government theft. 

So if you’re ever wondering where prosperity went,
it went straight into the hungry mouth of the government and it is now
consumed, and in the belly of the beast. We must gain back our rights,
or we will get locked in cages for simply trying to survive without
being robbed. As their excuse to rob peaceful Americans, the FDA and
USDA claim they need to make sure the food is okay, ensure there’s no
salmonella, etc. The FDA are hypocrites, and do not even make sure the
food is safe.

They approve genetically modified foods that have
never been tested on humans, alter the environment, and have caused
cancer in rats. They approve foods containing pesticides, and so much
more poison, on behalf of corporations with government ties, such as
Monsanto. This is clearly just a ‘problem-reaction-solution’ formula for
control, used by these government agencies to suck money out of
farmers, more robbery. Keep it up, you farmers and other citizens
engaging in civil disobedience. 

We are right behind you, us activists for liberty,
us conscious people. If you would like to inform people of this
targeting of innocent farmers, or restore our prosperity, don’t forget
to share this article with everyone you can.

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