ground zero: cryptical mass

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ground zero: cryptical massfrom clyde lewis: On October 31st, 2010, using a radio similar to “Frank’s Box”, a wire cable into a sound board, broadcasting 100,000 watts of power though an FM transmitter and relaying it through a computer to an AM transmitter in Wyoming blasting 50,000 watts of power, I along with Jonathan Burgess, Reed McClintock, and David John Oates successfully contacted and received communications from unknown voices on the air…. On Sunday November 7th, 2010, one week after the first attempt we try again to see if we can duplicate what we have done. If we hear the same activity we heard on Halloween we hope that it is newsworthy and of merit for investigators who have been trying to improve their communications with the other side.


update: post-mortem:
your emails concerning the ‘edison enigma’

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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Contacting demons is really stupid. James you should be careful! I think that Clyde Lewis is a really bad influence on you.

  2. Dave Avatar

    Like James says, "It can't be news and politics all the time." This was a great broadcast for Halloween. Just a good old fashioned creep out, like a Ouija board session when you were a kid. I approve.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    Clyde did not contact demons. Clyde conducted a scientific experiement that was historic and successful. I approve as well.

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