ground zero: dark christmas & the gnomes of krampus

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ground zero: dark christmas & the gnomes of krampusfrom clyde lewis: As the cold blows its bitterness and the snows cling to the ground this Christmas, we find ourselves in a very precarious position this year. Many people are happy at Christmas; however there is a silent group who see the holidays as a dark and foreboding time. This goes beyond the “humbug” of Scrooge or the burglary of the Grinch. It may be the depression of some inflexible middle age, staring into the glass of scotch wherein the murky amber elixir, the future is cloudy and the sadness is heavy. This type of year is appropriately called the dark times. Where the soul is eclipsed and the body grows tired, weary of the cold and yearning for love. Childhood memories of boxes, bows, puppies, and tinsel are pounded away by the realities of debt and the pressures of family and work.


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