ground zero: project blackjack, a push from an invisible hand

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ground zero: project blackjack, a push from an invisible handfrom clyde lewis: I like to think that I was trained in the old school of Journalism. I attended TV journalism classes, worked in radio newsrooms, did western state correspondence for CNN, worked for prestigious news network based in Arizona and recently did a short stint at Portland’s news station KXL. I am one of those guys who saw the movie All the President’s Men and believed that a journalist had a responsibility to keep our government honest and not spin things to take the stink out of their policies and political faux pas. Times have changed and looking back at the movie again it plays out like the X-files, full of dark shady characters and two conspiracy theorists Woodward and Bernstein who tell their editor that the public has a right to know about this government conspiracy that goes all the way to the President.


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