ground zero: twisted tales of the b-movie apocalypse

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ground zero: twisted tales of the b-movie apocalypsefrom clyde lewis: As the powerful continue to twist the meaning of everything, you have to pay close attention to what you are investing your time, money and spirituality into. We are falling for whatever authorities desire to manipulate us with.

While I believe that alien life exists, I have to constantly watch myself from being too gullible. The child in me wants wonderment to shine through all of the mediocrity. But the reality is that the stories surrounding the alien meme are nightmarish and barbaric. Even if they have somehow disarmed our nukes, or appeared to be godlike blondes there is no arguing, the abductions, the trauma and the pantheistic message they have left behind only to be adopted as the new state religion.

Even a second coming of a messiah is a frightening and terrible thing as it is written that our future will be full of earthquake, floods, famine and devastating wars. Can you literally count on science, religion or politics to give you a straight answer about what our lives are truly about?

It is vital to understand that those things that we have counted on in the past are no longer reliable and that we run more risk today because we have allowed for divisiveness and corruption to sneak in and thwart the game of life.

Core intelligence and core beliefs should be dealt with using intellectual honesty. There is something we are all waiting for. An event is coming, we are all feeling it some possible future is shaping our present. Is it alien tinkering? The whispers of God? Or is it a technological terror where we will meet an electronic antichrist waiting to demand our servitude. You may have to look very carefully at the future, because it may be an engineered experience.


video: ‘the ac/dc god show’ on may22

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