Hansen’s Mea Culpa? Global Warming Slowed Due To Coal Use Surge

Hansen’s Mea Culpa? Global Warming Slowed Due To Coal Use Surgefrom hockeyschtick.blogspot.jp: A paper published today by James Hansen has some startling admissions, including:

– the effect [forcing] of man-made greenhouse gas emissions has fallen below IPCC projections, despite an increase in man-made CO2 emissions exceeding IPCC projections

– the growth rate of the greenhouse gas forcing has “remained below the peak values reached in the 1970s and early 1980s, has been relatively stable for about 20 years, and is falling below IPCC (2001) scenarios.”

– the airborne fraction of CO2 [the ratio of observed atmospheric CO2 increase to fossil fuel CO2 emissions] has decreased over the past 50 years, especially after the year 2000

– Hansen believes the explanation for this conundrum is CO2 fertilization of the biosphere from “the surge of fossil fuel use, mainly coal.”

– “the surge of fossil fuel emissions, especially from coal burning, along with the increasing atmospheric CO2 level is ‘fertilizing’ the biosphere, and thus limiting the growth of atmospheric CO2.”

– “the rate of global warming seems to be less this decade than it has been during the prior quarter century”

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