Hollywood Fire Sale: Selling Out to the Devil

Hollywood Fire Sale:  Selling Out to the Devil

Jeff Rense and Jay Weidner discuss parade of Hollywood celebrities, who publicly confess to selling their souls to the Devil!   In part one, Bob Dylan’s odd confession on 60 Minutes.  Billy Ray Cyrus’ remark that his family was under  attack  and strange performance of his daughter,  Miley, just last month.  Miley performs submissive satanic rite – a bow of fealty to her Satanic Masters and will become a star,  says Weidner.    Miley has paid price of admission.  Weidner shares belief, there’s a relentless propaganda barrage to descend country into feudalism that began in the sixties a la research of Jan Irvin. The symbolism of teddy bears or “pedo-bears” used by filmmaker Stanley Kubrick to indicate pedophilia in his films.  Hollywood run by pedophilia cult, says Weidner.   In part two, Keith Richards odd remark in an interview, his intent to stay alive as long as possible to prevent meeting the Devil.  John Phillips incestuous relationship with daughter MacKenzie.   A spreading suspicion uncovered by David McGowan in his Inside the LC…series and Irvin, shared by Weidner that the sixties weren’t all what they were cracked up to be!  The sixties were contrived shares Weidner. The enigmatic role of LSD considered, psychiatric miracle drug or psychic munitions?  Rense warns people with a poor upbringing – who don’t know who they are – should stay away from LSD.  The present writer believes CIA interest in LSD as representative of another drug showing promise as a bio-weapon.   Rain Man is another name for the Devil. Rense observes, at one point, “Satanism a new hot religion!.”

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