Idle Musings On Our Left Brain World

Are we simply left brain prisoners? David Icke believes so, prisoners of the left brain brought up by adults who were prisoners them- selves!  Icke proposes our grooming to perform left brain tasks has left us incomplete, possibly, even fractured. The rational thinking half, the left brain treats everything as objects and views self as apart from the world. We can start to break free of our left brain prison by utilizing our intuition – a facility residing in the right brain, according to Icke. The intuitive mind is about knowing and unity with and of the world. The present writer submits it may not be that easy?  Yes, some people can reawaken their intuitive nature after long neglect, but it may have dwindled?  The present writer suspects there’s a biological substrate to the intuitive mind that atrophies with disuse, and possibly, ebbs so low that no facility remains! There is more to the left brain, right brain dichotomy than we realize, because we are left brain prisoners! Your life will fall short of fulfillment if you live it entirely through the left brain! You can get a better idea of what Icke is talking about by reading his book, The Biggest Secret,” for free online!  It’s something to think, or rather, intuit!

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