Obama Lights the ‘Flame’: From ‘Virtual War’ To Military Conflict

#Video: Obama Ordered Cyber Attacks Against Iran
from brasschecktv.com: Over a year ago the Pentagon announced that computer sabotage coming from another country can constitute an act of war and could lead to military conflict. Now it has been ‘leaked’ that Obama ordered and even escalated cyber attacks against Iran. So what comes next?

Video: Cyber-Battles Raise Fears of Cyber-Blowback*
Obama Ordered Stuxnet to Continue After Bug Caused it to Spread Wildly*
Sen. Feinstein Calls for Hearing on Stuxnet Leaks as FBI Begins Probe*
Flame Hijacks Microsoft Update to Spread Malware Disguised As Legit Code*
A Massive Web of Fake Identities and Websites Controlled Flame Malware*
Flame Gets Suicide Command*

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