Illuminati Sightseeing: United Nations Meditation Room

Illuminati Sightseeing: United Nations Meditation Room

The United Nations Meditation Room seems another signpost along path to One World Religion. In 1957, Meditation Room opened to public, planned by United Nations Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold. Douglas Levesque writes excellent description of room (picture) in 2009 article, Secrets of the UN Meditation Room. “If the U.N. building is a temple of global identity, then the Meditation Room is a ‘Holy of Holies’ to the adherents of it’s esoteric, pantheistic neo-pagan spirituality. The room was designed by the then Secretary General of the U.N. Dag Hammerskjold, and opened in 1957 as a ‘meeting of light, of the sky, and the earth . . .’, ‘dedicated to silence, . . .and stillness . . .’, ‘where the doors may be open to the infinite lands of thought and prayer.’ (Hammerskjold in his own words).”

Levesque finds stone placed in middle of room more important of two elements placed there (mural is other): “’But the stone in the middle of the room has more to tell us. We may see it as an altar, empty not because there is no God, not because it is an altar to an unknown god, but because it is dedicated to the God whom men worship under many names and in many forms.; (Hammerskjold in his own words). Obviously, this is a Satanic delusion because we know that God’s name is the Jehovah of Israel, and his form is that of Jesus of Nazareth.” The disregard for true name of God is termed a delusion by Levesque – and rightfully so. The present writer suspects, “altar to an unknown god,” represents clear maneuver towards a One World Religion.

In a rhetorical note, Levesque wonders if there’s a code embedded in mural?  Levesque observes: “The abstract mural seen here is a series of inter-related geometric patterns meant to create a contemplative ‘unity of god, earth, and time’ sensation. The underlying astro-physiological meaning is the subject of much debate. Could the painting contain a cosmic calendar or message delineating the ‘Age of Aquarius’?”

A “new god” under One World Religion has been an agenda – a work in progress – for generations. UN Meditation Room opened in 1957 and been with us for over half a century.

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