Spate of Occult Killings Has Exorcist Decrying Rise of the Demons

from A female serial killer says she “sacrificed 100” in an act of Satan worship. Another says she killed her “antichrist” mother. Two boys carved occult symbols into the body of a girl. Is this the Rapture? These occult-driven killings have come to light in the past month in the US, a nation in parts seemingly obsessed with religion, magic and murder. It’s a culture bombarded with mystic messages, from Creationist advertising to exorcisms, Satanic-cult busting True Detective television series through to Once Upon a Time fairy tales. Is America more than lapping it up? Is the nation beginning to live the dream —or nightmare? Is the Rapture – a popular interpretation of the Bible’s chapter of Revelations about the lead-up to Judgement Day – underway? Or are these kids just bonkers? One Catholic priest is convinced. Father Vincent Lampert, designated exorcist for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, last week told the National Catholic Register that reports of demonic activity were increasing, keeping the United States’ 50 trained exorcists busy. “I don’t think the devil has upped his game,” Father Lampert said. “I think people today are more apt to play his game.” His perspective can be understood: A recent Pew Research Centre study found witchcraft to be the fastest growing religion in the United States and one fifth of its populace embracing atheism.

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