Inspiration To Mars Flyby May Not Inspire ‘Lucky’ Couple

Inspiration To Mars Flyby May Not Inspire 'Lucky' Couple

Multi-Millionaire Dennis Tito announced intent at introductory Inspiration Mars Foundation News Conference of sending couple by 2018 on a flyby of Mars.  Tito, an engineer, presented his first paper in 1965 on a proposed trajectory for a flyby of Mars!  “I’ve been waiting and waiting,” adds Tito at conference, “we need to do something!” Tito also points to 2018 planetary alignment as a factor in proposal, observing, “we may have company in 2031 [next alignment] if we wait?”  The planetary alignment results in what’s termed a “free return” trajectory.  The actual trip termed austere at press conference, could be worse.   An article at The Indian ExpressMars Mission to use astronaut feces as radiation shield,” as title implies, first space tourists – a selected couple – will use own feces to line spacecraft for protection against cosmic rays.   The couple may also consume water recycled – many times – from their own urine?  Well, facts of the mission take the awe right out of endeavor and may replace it with some “awe s–t!” The present writer will wait for the deluxe cruise ships!

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