INTERSTELLAR: Secret Revelations of Transhumanism and ‘The Singularity’

from source: Interstellar is a grandiose film about a great number of serious philosophical and scientific concepts.

It’s also about a host other things, such as love, life, mistakes, meaning, etc., so knowing where to start an analysis is a bit challenging, though as many of my friends have said, it seems to be the perfect “Jay’s Analysis” movie. I concur. Other sites that have posted analyses make the correct point of viewing it as Christopher Nolan’s version of 2001: A Space Odyssey, and while that is fine as far as it goes, it also departs from Kubrick’s film in significant ways. I will go all out on this one like I did with Inception, which is the first analysis to gain a lot of traction – I think I have decoded the real meaning of Interstellar, so stick around for the big reveal at the end…

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