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interview w/ peter levenda of ‘sinister forces’

interview w/ peter levenda of 'sinister forces'for the last couple of years, the three volume set of 'sinister forces: a grimoire of american political witchcraft' has always been within arm's reach. i've learned that whenever something in the news has reverberations back through the history/mystery of 20th century america, i can just jump to the indices & start to see some of the dots connect...

during the last weekend of september '09, there was a strange confluence of news stories concerning the death of a manson family murderer, the revelations about disturbing sexcrimes in the occult california music scene & then the seemingly sudden arrest of roman polanski for his own infamous sexcrime.

now the polanski polemic, as i've called it, has become perfect fodder for the culture wars: it's middle america vs hollywood. and while the average person may know the water cooler talking points, most of these discussions are long on moralizing & short on the shadowy substance... those "names to conjure with", the "dates that have resonance" & the things "that scream out for an explanation where none can be provided."

one of the most incredible examples: on june 5, 1968, roman polanski & sharon tate attended a dinner party at director john frankenheimer's house where the guest of honor would have his last supper. that guest was robert francis kennedy & he was driven to the ambassador hotel later that night by the director of 'the manchurian candidate'... and, did you know that polanski had john phillips, of the mamas & the papas, investigated for his possible involvement in the murder of sharon tate? ... add to this mix squeaky fromme, scientology, robert evans, west virginia, aleister crowley, disneyland, and of course, the specter that haunts this american house: charles manson.

when i began to see these red flags, i immediately reached out to our guest & author of the amazing 'sinister forces': peter levenda. he has written numerous other books on our hidden history, like his recent 'secret temple: masons, mysteries & the founding of america'. levenda is an authority on these subjects & has also been featured in numerous documentaries concerning the 'unholy alliance' of nazis, the occult & US.

this latest special interview episode from media monarchy - the ninth one, appropriately enough - is a quick, yet fascinating look behind the media mask... behind the face that they present & a glimpse into what it really represents... all this & so much more - just in time for crowley's birthday, the bombing of the moon & halloween.

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