Is The Statue Of Liberty Pagan?

“What is the history and origin of the famed “Statue of Liberty”? Is it so innocent as millions assume? There is much more to this story than most believe. It is time we pulled aside the cloak, and took a good look at the real facts, and what they mean for us, today. You might be shocked to know the deception that has been pulled over the eyes of the American people,” asks webpage

American public seems hoodwinked, again. states the symbolic subterfuge in concise terms:

“The world at large is totally ignorant of the occult symbolism which lies behind the famed statue of liberty which sits astride the harbor of New York, symbolizing its true inner character and purpose. The sculptor who made the great statue was Italian. His name was Auguste Bertholdi…Before beginning the statue of liberty project, Bertholdi was seeking a commission to construct a giant statue of the goddess ‘Isis,’ the Egyptian Queen of Heaven, to overlook the Suez canal. The statue of Isis was to be of ‘a robed woman holding aloft a torch’ (Statue of Liberty: 1st Hundred Years, Bernard Weisberger, p.30, quoted in Beyond Babylon, James Lloyd, p.103)…Bertholdi never made the statue of Isis for the Suez canal — but it seems obvious that he made it after all, fulfilling his life’s ambition, when he constructed the Statue of Liberty for the United States!”

“Writes James Lloyd in Beyond Babylon: ‘Auguste Bertholdi was a member of the cultic Masonic Lodge in Paris, a ‘…secret international brotherhood linked to the ancient builders of the pyramids and the cathedrals’ [quoted from Statue of Liberty, by Weisberger]; and as a result, fellow members of the mysterious order of Masons `. . . were frequently involved with the creation of the structure, and the various ceremonies that were dedicated to it’ [ibid., p.44]. For example, the pedestal was built by another mason named Richard Hunt, and the design came from his study of `. . . pyramids, ziggurats, and other . . . styles’ [Statue of Liberty video]. You’ll recall The Tower of Babel was a ziggurat; and of course, the Statue of Liberty is actually a tower” (Beyond Babylon, p.103).

Hats off to William Dankenbring at for uncovering pagan symbolism for the rest of us.  Statue of Liberty equals Isis!

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