Israeli Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Units Active in Damascus Battles

from Israel military in East Gouta to Damascus? Battles, which began last Friday, a surprise attack on the outposts of the Syrian army in the far East Gouta, may turn out to be the first occasion involving Israelis effectively in the Syrian war along one of the parties.

According to sources cross, the Israelis have made a reconnaissance maps and pictures of the Syrian army positions to the nucleus of the attacking force, which was launched from Jordan, under the leadership of co-ordinated intelligence Saudi Arabia, the U.S. and Israel.

But Israeli contribute in the battle of the big East Gouta was a pillar whole attack. According to information security, the Israelis succeeded before the start of the first wave of the attack to disrupt communications system for the Fourth Division and the Republican Guard and units of the elite forces for Hezbollah, the factions Abu al Fadl al Abbas Iraq in the region.

During the first hours of the attack, the Israelis used electronic means of encryption, and managed to disrupt radio communications between Syrian groups and their allies on the first line of defense, which was breached quickly, and led to the fall of the seven villages and farms in the area of ​​turf. It has become known that the units of the fourth division stationed in the region had lost contact with the leaders in the region, and the units to the protection lines groups retreating towards the second line of defense to prevent the attackers from progress toward their goal of strategic Otaiba, which forms the entrance to East Gouta, and the key to the siege around.

The attack succeeded to isolate groups of the Republican Guard and «Brigade of Abu al Fadl al Abbas» from each other, and lost many of its elements. And succeeded reinforcements that arrived to the area of ​​prairie restoration headquarters and more barriers and sites that were lost, and the re-organization of parallel lines of defense, and restored contact groups that have lost. So could «Hezbollah» retrieve a set of seven fighters from the elite forces, the opposition said it killed during the attack, as he emphasized «the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights» elements that have regained contact their leadership.

And military experts assert that the process of disabling communication quality witnessed by Gota bore the hallmarks of electronic devices known in the Israeli media «Hezbollah» When the Syrian army. And works «Hezbollah» to protect networks contacts, to retain the wired devices and protection, a network impenetrable or disabled.

And characterized the offensive operation, which was conducted by the Chamber of Saudi Arabia – American joint in Jordan, in the absence of the fundamentalist «Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant» (Daash) them, who were excluded from the process at the request of U.S., in order to preserve confidentiality, and to avoid the strategy «Daash» that rely on intrusion suicidal wide in the early stages of the attacks, the attackers lose the element of surprise in the feature area has not seen major military operations, since the Syrian army arrived before month and a half leading up to the edge of the desert to Jordan about, updated siege for «free army» in the region.

It seems that the attackers relied on the experience of Israelis in cutting communications to quickly access to the first line of defense of the Syrian army, to the extent dispense wave «Alangmasien» First and bombers from «Daash» or «Front victory». Was not able to «Daash» from entering the battlefield, but on the second day of the attack, after Absorb Syrian army wave offensive first, while reaching additional troops from the elite units in the «Hezbollah» which began, as well as the Syrian army, a counter-offensive in the region, still in progress so far.

The groups of factions «Islamic Front» seven, overseen by the head of Saudi intelligence Bandar bin Sultan, through his ally commander «Army of Islam» Zahran Aloush, has joined Bertal coming from Jordanian territory.

Arab sources say that the Jordanians had leaked information about the attack, which was being prepared him to the Syrian side. The Jordanians have been subjected to great pressure from Saudi Arabia to allow convoys of Syrian opposition fighters take off from their lands, perforated by the Syrian desert towards Gota, in the process of a strategy to break the siege of Gota.

Did not change the entry-Israeli fighting, albeit electronically, something in the course of the fighting, but it indicates to enter the conflict stage is very critical compel Prince Bandar bin Sultan, and the Saudis to go too far in their choice attempt to modify the military maps and prevent political settlement, whatever the cost, and even necessary to use Israeli expertise.

And put to use the experience in fighting Israeli forces in the elite «Hezbollah» and the Syrian army by Bandar bin Sultan, the Saudi questions about coordination with Israel in Syria. It also shows the race against time that Bandar income to take advantage of the deadline, which is still open to him until the «Geneva 2» on January 22 next to amend the military balance of power, which is still likely to be worth the benefit of the system.

Did not show the final outcome of the military operations so far, but the leaders of the eight brigades «beloved» alone died in the first wave of the attack, and was «the banner of Islam» more than 50 fighters in the first day. And fell more than 20 fighters Saudis fighting in the first two days. It is estimated to cross talk about the deaths of more than 400 people dead in the ranks of the attackers, two days before.

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