Locally-Sourced #Thanksgiving Meal Easy to Gobble

from kwwl.com: As you prepare your Thanksgiving feast, one local food expert asks you to consider just where all that nourishment came from. Wednesday afternoon, Brittany Bethel stood in her Dubuque County kitchen, pulling out the raw materials that would soon become her and her husband’s Thanksgiving feast. “It’s all local produce and cheese and dairy that we’ll be using for Thanksgiving this year,” she said, gesturing to the spread lying on the center island. “I thought the best way to talk about cooking local for Thanksgiving would be a kitchen.

As regional foods coordinator for Dubuque County’s Iowa State University Extension office, Bethel knows there’s a bounty of locally-grown goodies available. Most of the ingredients for her entire Thanksgiving meal came straight from the ground, trees, vines and creameries of the tri-state area.

I think that it’s easy, but I think you have to make it a priority,” Bethel said. “It takes a little bit of transition, and a lot of that is just basic education, like what’s in season.” From grocery stores and co-ops to winter farmers markets, locally-grown food is becoming increasingly available.

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