Jack the Ripper Was Freemason Committing Ritualistic Murders

Jack the Ripper Was Freemason Committing Ritualistic MurdersVigilantCitizen.com has a keen eye for coverage of the occult, and this instance is no different. In a recent article, a story was featured about the release of secret archives, revealing that the British elite was overwhelmingly Masonic and that Jack the Ripper was protected by the Masonic police force.

Ancestry recently made public a secret archive containing the names of over two million British Freemasons from 1733 to 1923. The list “reveals the extent of Masonic influence in the upper reaches of society at the height of Britain’s imperial grandeur”. It also includes the name of who is thought to be Jack the Ripper.

According to new records, Jack the Ripper was an obscure singer whose identity was shielded by fellow Masons. His murders were intricately planned Masonic rituals.

The author of Withnail and I says the Whitechapel murders were committed by Michael Maybrick, a singer who was “a psychopath shielded by servants of the Victorian state.” Bruce Robinson, a director and screenwriter has been researching the Ripper killings, culminating in an 800-page book, They All Love Jack: Busting the Ripper.

While the Jack the Ripper Suspect List may be lengthy (and inconclusive), it is still interesting to examine how masonic influence can be felt even centuries later during archive digs…

Source: VigilantCitizen.com

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