Jerry Sandusky Hearing Pointless, Says Prosecutor

Penn St Scandal Update:  Joseph McGettigan III, Senior Deputy Attorney General (AG) and prosecutor in case, called Thursday’s hearing, “pointless.”  Jeff Frantz supplies in Patriot News article via several interesting observations made by McGettigan:

“Noting Amendola’s various withdrawals and concessions, McGettigan called the hearing ‘pointless.‘ ‘He folded his tents,’ McGettigan said. ‘The defendant did not wish to hear the litany of perversions he was accused of and, in fact, he committed. I would submit the commonwealth’s effort is to litigate this case in court. On the contrary, what we have is countless trees dying for motions filed and countless batteries dying as it’s litigated [before the media]. All of this perhaps, it would seem, to keep victims from having their day in court.’ The only limit to the motions Amendola might file, McGettigan said, is the capacity of his word processor.” Between his analysis of Amendola’s strategy, McGettigan brought up The Second Mile, the charity Sandusky founded. ‘The Second Mile [was], no matter its purported purpose, was for the defendant, a victim factory,’ McGettigan said. ‘An assembly factory for adolescent children to be abused, sodomized, anally raped by this defendant.'”

The prosecutor’s word selection is quite interesting in describing primary purpose of Second Mile Charity!  McGettigan used phrase, “no matter its ‘purported purpose’, was for the defendant, a victim factory…”  Why wouldn’t the senior deputy AG simply leave off the qualifier unless he’s not entirely convinced as to its primary mission?  McGettigan said also in interview that followed hearing, “… he’s puzzled by Sandusky strategy.” Was Sandusky a selected patsy from very beginning in child trafficking operation? Amendola brought in to provide circus show for  “lone child abuser,” intended to supply a guilty culprit and distract from looking elsewhere? Jerry Sandusky Investigation page is your first stop in getting latest on case!

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