jfk’s secret service stand down

jim garrison & mr. x in the film jfk“In November ’63, one week after the murder of Vietnamese President Diem in Saigon, and two weeks before the assassination of our President . . . I was sent by my superior officer, call him Y, to the South Pole as the military escort for a group of international VIP’s. This trip had nothing to do with my nine years of work in Special Operations. It was sort of a “paid vacation.”

. . . Anyway, after I came back I asked myself why was I, the chief of special ops, selected to travel to the South Pole at that time to do a job that any number of others could have done? One of my routine duties if I had been in Washington would’ve been to arrange for additional security in Texas. The Secret Service is relatively small, and by custom the military will augment them. I checked it out when I got back and sure enough, I found out someone had told the 112th Military Intelligence Group at 4th Army Headquarters at Fort Sam Houston to “stand down” that day, over the protests of the unit Commander, a Colonel Reich . . .

Now this is significant, because it is standard operating procedure, especially in a known hostile city like Dallas, to supplement the Secret Service. Even if we had not allowed the bubbletop to be removed from the limousine, we’d’ve put at least 100 to 200 agents on the sidewalks, without question! There’d already been several attempts on De Gaulle’s life in France. Only a month before in Dallas UN Ambassador Adlai Stevenson had been spit on and hit. We’d have arrived days ahead of time, studied the route, checked all the buildings . . . We never would’ve allowed all those wide-open empty windows overlooking Dealey . . . never . . . We would have had our own snipers covering the area. The moment a window went up they’d have been on the radio. We would’ve been watching the crowds — packages, rolled up newspapers, a coat over an arm, never would have let a man open an umbrella along the way — Never would’ve allowed that limousine to slow down to 10 miles per hour, much less take that unusual curve at Houston and Elm. You would have felt an Army presence in the streets that day, but none of this happened. It was a violation of the most basic protection codes we have. And it is the best indication of a massive plot in Dallas.”
– Mr. X from JFK

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    Former Secret Service Agent Abraham Bolden continues to seek a pardon . . .

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