Joe Pa Treated Unfairly?

Penn St scandal metastasizes with board of trustees forced to send out president Rodney Erickson to address concerns, reports Erickson speaking to alumni at different venues over three day period about unfair treatment of former coach, Joe Paterno.

Franco Harris, a former Nittany Lion fullback, holds a view similar of many former players, “‘I can’t understand why it happened. … We have to be relentless. We have to keep fighting for Penn State,’ Harris said. ‘We can’t let the Board of Trustees or the media write the final chapter.'” Harris conducted a competing meeting on Thursday night at same hotel as Erickson. The Hall of Fame football player, has recently, lost business relationship as a result of his Paterno defense.

The present writer agrees with Francine Cheeks, retired journalist, who said she was surprised at the focus on Paterno. “Sue and Joe Paterno are not the primary victims in this whole scheme,” said Cheeks, Class of 1965. “It’s children whose lives have been affected, and maybe destroyed, allegedly.” Harris defends Paterno but not Sandusky in sex abuse scandal. The simple-minded Sandusky impresses as unable to be a main player, by all appearances. It’s likely a wider and deeper scandal with darker shades than revealed to date! Joe Pa treated unfairly – what about the children?

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