[John Lennon] Genius – The Movie

Ray Comfort describes his movie, Genius – The Movie,” as portraying spiritual development of John Lennon and the Beatles, but after viewing  it’s more of a litmus test for some of the 10 Commandments and Theory of Evolution. “‘Genius’ is a new and chilling movie based on the life and tragic murder of John Lennon. The Producer of the Los Angeles-based film company, Ray Comfort, said, “It’s chilling because it reveals what people will do for money. There are ordinary people out there who would kill you. All they need is the right amount of money and the belief that they won’t get caught,” describes press release at the movie websiteComfort convinces audience we’re all lying, thieving, fornicating, blasphemous sinners, but also reminds us about the promise of everlasting life!

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