john mcwethy, 9/11 pentagon reporter, dies in accident

john mcwethy, 9/11 pentagon reporter, dies in accidentfrom denver post: John McWethy, the retired national security correspondent for ABC News, died Wednesday in a skiing accident at Keystone Ski Resort. McWethy, 61, lost control on the intermediate Porcupine trail and slid chest first into a tree. McWethy had lived in Boulder since last fall. Witnesses said he was skiing fast when he missed a turn and lost control. McWethy was wearing a helmet, said Kate Lessman, spokesperson for the Keystone…

He was in the Pentagon on 9/11, the day it was hit by hijacked passenger plane and in the aftermath was the network’s primary reporter in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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  1. Sojourner Avatar

    When you “wipe out” while skiing it is either “head first or feet first”. When you approach a tree whether it is on the “bunny slope” or “black diamond” there is that split second or seconds to choose how you eat it.
    I have never heard of anyone going “chest first”. Bullshit, I am calling Bullshit. What he knew or what he was going to disclose hit him in the “chest”.

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