July 22, 2013: 13th Star of David Alignment

Are there cosmic markers in the heavens?  The Magi of the Bible viewed Star of Bethlehem with cosmic significance!    Luis Vega sees in “Heralds of the Coming New World Order,”  a pattern in the heavens of 2 solar eclipses – one a special hybrid solar eclipse on Nov. 3, 2013 before a Tetrad – a series of four lunar eclipses – to come in 2014-15 (chart in pdf).   This pattern trumpets a “New Order” much like last pattern did in the 15th Century according to Vega.  Today, July 22, 2013, the 13th Star of David Alignment (video) since 1990, marks another prophetic cosmic sign.  Vega wonders whether Star of David alignment is “…perhaps, corresponding to the ‘labor pains’ that Jesus Christ warned about would characterize the Last Days on Earth before His Return.”   Is it all in the stars?

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