media monarchy episode100 (w/ clyde lewis)

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media monarchy episode100 (w/ clyde lewis)the 100th episode of media monarchy features an amazing 2hr in-studio interview with clyde lewis of ground zero lounge. we talk about everything from jfk to 9/11, the obamessiah complex, music, media memes & predictive programming + music by leonard cohen & emergency broadcast network and tons more…


listen live to the portland radio authoritymedia monarchy is originally broadcast on the portland radio authority every friday at 10am pacific/1pm eastern and can also be heard on the revere radio network every sunday at 4pm pacific/7pm eastern…

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4 responses to “media monarchy episode100 (w/ clyde lewis)”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Thank you for your dedication, bro!!! Continue as you did, great & precious work! Cheers Alex

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    What an insightful and candid interview into the mind and versatility of the original “mad man” of the airwaves. I was 12 when GZ first came on my radio shack transistor radio. We had three paranormal shows in Salt Lake City back to back. We were lucky. Glad to see that he is still doing shows.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    Obama DID NOT choose the “Siegessauele” in Berlin for his speech. He had to go there because chancelor Angela Merkel did not want him to speak in front of the “Brandenburger Tor”. There was a huge discussion about this in Germany, as the place is usuallly reserved for exclusive speaches but not for presidential candidates. Cheers, Johannes

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    Oh okay — Obama had no choice. Bullocks. Obama could have a small child, dead and rotting in the trunk of his car and Obamunists would say it was a smear campaign.

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