media monarchy episode111

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no valentine’s love for the nwo on this friday the 13th episode111 of media monarchy w/ adorable killer robots, black helicopters, google latitude, hr654, police brutality, ecoterror, eugenics, re-education & recalls + beck, gates, gore, garrison, haslam & deeper down the rabbit hole of the jfk assassination + robotic music from mr bungle and tons more…


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2 responses to “media monarchy episode111”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Thank you 4 taking up the mice-stories & your dedication, my man!

    Cheers Alex

  2. reflux the chemist Avatar

    Hows it goin? Great episode as usual. I am living in Utah and wanted to comment on that douche baggery from Mike Whaddoups, by giving you a quote by him, expounding about his ideas of hiding liquor bottles from the view of restaurant patrons (please wont SOMEONE think of the children?!?) because children apparently only need to view alcohol bottles, and they go into an alcoholic-trance.

    “They’re enticed by the glamor of it in some instances. They’re enticed by it because it’s made to look like a fun exciting stimulating product… We’re trying to protect children who don’t have the capability of making a wise decision.”

    Living in zionland is difficult for the heathen…

    Peace! -R.C-

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