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media monarchy episode150

listen live to the revere radio network

1 show, 3 years, 100s of episodes & 1000s of stories have come together for the 150th episode of media monarchy w/ new world next week: terror trials, militia groups & the swine flu super plague - obamessiah: peace prizes, polls & policies - ft hood false flag: part3 - police state, geopolitiks, warwhores & econocrash updates + portland pot, west virginia byrd, station id from emergency broadcast network & alot more...


listen live to the portland radio authoritymedia monarchy is originally broadcast live on the portland radio authority, zero point radio & revere radio network every friday at 10am pacific/11am mountain/1pm eastern...

and a huge thanks to boulder free radio, cascadia public radio, free radio olympia, berkeley liberation radio, ground zero radio & one sky radio for rebroadcasting the show...

plus, you can always get podcasts of previous episodes thanks to itunes, radio4all.net & archive.org

  1. Congratulations on the 150th! Excellent work my man: great tunes, incredible delivery, and an impossible amount of ground covered. You've helped me find more and in turn share more with others than I thought possible. Most importantly, you helped me realize that one man really can make a difference. I am in awe and absolutely grateful. Keep up the great work James, and here's to the next 150! Take care.

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