Media Monarchy Episode159

Media Monarchy Episode159“As of now, I am in control here” on episode159 of media monarchy w/ police state updates: stack attacks, more homegrown errorism & the mass murder contagion – obamessiah, cia & operation new dawn – econocrash, doomsday & bulldozers – the pharmaceutical industrial complex, the pledge of defiance & the death of alexander haig + false flags from massive attack and tons more…

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  1. N8 Avatar

    James, I just saw Crazies, and you have to check it out. You're always talking about predictive programming, and this film is overflowing with it, complete with (semi-spoiler) military quarantine, shoving people into cattle cars holocaust style and taking them to temporary detention facilities where they're sorted and separated from their loved ones. Plus young soldiers who don't know what's going on, that are just "following orders." Hope I didn't ruin it for you, but I bet you'll have some good insights to share. Thought it might interest you. Take care.

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