media/memes: megaupload, golden globes, mythbusters

the megaupload song:
pop star contract proves youtube takedown bogus*

pop star contract proves youtube takedown bogusvideo satire: pop star’s single, ‘booty wave’, most likely civilization’s downfall*
full list of golden globe nominees*
video: woody allen gets best director golden globe nomination for ‘midnight in paris’*
say it ain’t so, joe:
‘fear factor’ makes disgusting return to nbc
stray ‘mythbusters’ cannonball impales home*
louis c.k. makes fortune with internet-only show*
audio: ‘the dreyfus affair & censorship*
the top 11 political movies of 2011*
john atterberry, record exec, dies at 40 after hollywood street rampage*
video: billie jo spears, country singer, dies at 74*

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