Michigan Dumps 30k College Students From Food Stamps, Saves $75M

from foxnews: About 30,000 college students are getting a real-world lesson in economics after cash-hungry Michigan kicked them off of food stamps to save roughly $75 million per year. Under the new rules, only single moms and students who work 20 hours a week may be able to keep their benefits, MyFoxDetroit.com reported. College students generally aren’t eligible for federal food assistance but nearly all of them in Michigan had qualified for the state’s program under an exception for those participating in an employment and training program whose criteria included attending college, the Detroit News reported. Michigan’s program provides Bridge cards, which can be swiped like debit cards at grocery stores. But earlier this year as part of a crackdown on welfare fraud, abuse and waste, the state announced that starting in April students would have to show “true need” to keep collecting food stamps.

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