Mind-Blowing Illuminati Predictive Images

Mind-Blowing Illuminati Predictive ImagesEl Mostrador, a Chilean newspaper, published ads with highly creepy images in late 2011, the creation of ad giant, Ogilvy & Mather to promote paper. Undercoveralien deconstructs images on YouTube. The three images depict post-apocalyptic scenes, high-res versions are at Mail Online: 1) Amy Winehouse burying Prince William and recently wedded bride Kate 2) Steve Jobs burying Julian Assange and 3) Colonel Muammar Gadaffi buries deposed Egyptian president Hosni Mubarek. Undercoveralien suspects link to upcoming Olympics. The collateral deaths of Royals, in a possible terrorist act, would be used by Illuminati cabal to declare war on Iran! Casual observers would concede there’s something behind these images!  You can’t make this up, what’s worse, suspicions about upcoming Olympics seem all too possible!

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