Episode270 – Party At Ground Zero

Episode270 - Party At Ground Zero

Well, maybe I can make it happen” on Media Monarchy: Episode270 – Party At Ground Zero w/ a Huge Announcement, Media Memes, Radio Themes and the “Live The Life You’re Dreaming Of” Newspurge + More Fluoride, Farmers, Fuel and Fat on Food World Order – TrapWire, Sinkholes and Social Media in Cyber/SpaceWar – Bimbo’s, Skinheads and Cosmic Cults on Holy Hexes + Living Sounds by Fishbone, LL Cool J, Sloan and tons more…

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    Clyde Lewis is a joke.

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    Can't beat em join em eh? I guess the big corporate conglomerate commercial mainstream media outlet is just too much to battle against.

    Call it for what it is, you've done such an excellent job in telling everyone that. The truth hurts doesn't it. And that truth is one sell out helps another join the club.

    Regardless, always keep in mind. Just as quickly as it comes, it can be taken away even quicker and before you know it, your right back to the beginning.

    As I mentioned in an email, endurance wins any battle, be it to quit smoking or hold up against a corrupt system.

    I hope there is a more powerful endurance to maintain the kick of the habit.

    Good luck!

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