Mysteries of the Freemasons: The Beginning

History channel provides interesting links between Knights Templar and Freemasonry in Mysteries of the Freemasons: The Beginning.” “They claim they’re merely a civic-minded fraternity, bound together by harmless rituals. But throughout their long history, the Freemasons have been reviled as devil worshippers, accused of provoking revolution, and suspected of plotting to take over the world. Witness in MYSTERIES OF THE FREEMASONS the untold story of the world’s oldest secret society as clandestine codes, patterns in the sky, and murder reveal a radically new picture of the nation’s founding fathers. Dramatic …footage transport viewers back to the time when Freemasons led the Revolution, framed the Declaration of Independence, designed our nation’s capital and, in the early years of the Republic…exposes the origins of this underground society, from the stealing of King Solomon’s treasure to the three evils against which Freemasons believe they’re still struggling: ignorance, fanaticism, and tyranny, to a present-day initiation ceremony attended by 2.5 million Freemasons from around the world. Featuring historians Stephen Bullock, Dan Burstein, Brent Morris, Akram Elias, and author David Shugarts,” summarizes description at

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