Mystery Missile From Chinese Property At Sea?

Monday’s mystery missile launch off the coast of California is still generating rumors. What’s circulating in the ether is less than reassuring! Doug Hagmann writes in, “Of missiles & money — don’t ask, won’t tell” at Canada Free Press, according to one source within the Pentagon, many of the top brass were in unscheduled, high level meetings throughout the day… The rumors circulating ‘within the [Pentagon] rings’ suggest that it was a deliberate launch of a missile from “Chinese property at sea” intended as a warning to the U.S.The article seems a commentary on the sad state of economic affairs in the United States as the author wasn’t certain what was meant by “Chinese property”? Hagmann adds with a touch of black humor, “I can only assume that it did not originate from Catalina Island or U.S. military ships in the area, as we still own those, at least to my knowledge. Is it Sun Tzu 101?

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