Naomi Wolf Calls It Official: Police State Is Here

Naomi Wolf Calls It Official:  Police State Is Here

At theguardian Naomi Wolf makes official call in article,The Coming Drone Attack On America.“I am sorry to say that with the importation of what will be tens of thousands of drones, by both US military and by commercial interests, into US airspace, with a specific mandate to engage in surveillance and with the capacity for weaponization – which is due to begin in earnest at the start of the new year – it means that the police state is now officially here,”  writes Wolf.   If that’s not enough to get your stomach churning, article peeks into near future to see where finger-pointing between government and private interests, might be used to escape culpability: “… the scary thing about this new arrangement is deniability: bad things done to citizens by drones can be denied by private interests – ‘Oh, that must have been an LAPD drone’ – and LAPD can insist that it must have been a private industry drone.” Welcome to the Police State, but it won’t be fun and games!

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