UFO War in Antarctica: Fact or Fiction?

UFO War in Antarctica: Fact or Fiction?

Can you say psyop? The presenter writer wants to believe and remains suspicious of clandestine activities on the frozen continent of Antarctica!  Dr. Michael Salla provides succinct synopsis of a doubter’s dilemma in article, UFO War in Antarctica: fact or fiction?”:

“According to John Kettler, a former US military contractor and scientist, there is an expanding UFO war that is now taking place in waters off Antarctica. Kettler cites unnamed ‘sensitive sources’ to substantiate his claims that a US led coalition of naval forces is militarily engaging with hostile extraterrestrials. This UFO war is an extension of alleged naval battles off the coast of San Francisco earlier reported by Gordon Duff from Veterans Today who refers to his own unnamed ‘reliable’ sources. There is little more than a collection of unnamed sources supporting such allegations, and there is good reason to conclude that Kettler’s and Duff’s claims are part of a psychological warfare operation that may be related to planning for a false flag alien event.”

What suggests to present writer disinformation, reader is also informed of UFOs destination!  True, with satellite networks it’s possible to track them,  but the information smacks of a finished product – too complete when Kettler claims:

“…20 UFOs, traveling at 25,000 mph, left the Antarctic Ocean in a group and went to Guadalajara, Mexico. Another group of 15, flying at the same speed, went to Argentina. This morning, 12 more emerged and went to Chile.”

Again, present writer wants to believe but with only suppositons, it’s most likely Project Blue Beam.  An Antarctic UFO war – even if true – opponents may not be alien as recent post covering Russian documentary suggests, Secret Nazi Base On Antarctica…. A reader can go away convinced betweenOperation High Jump and Britain’s Secret War in Antarctica,” there is something down there worth fighting over!

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