NASA Believes Once-In-A-Century Solar Flare Overdue

NASA Believes Once-In-A-Century Solar Flare article, “Airline frequent fliers ‘radiation poisoning risks’ from space ‘solar flare’ storm activity”, presents risk to airline pilots and frequent fliers of radiation exposure and cancer risk from a big solar storm while flying at 40,000 feet the equivalent of dozens of x-rays at once. NASA scientists believe the earth is facing danger from a once-in-a-century ‘solar flare’, a disturbance on the Sun’s surface that could cause geomagnetic storms on this planet… One in the mid-19th century blocked the nascent telegraph system and many scientists believe another is overdue. The scientific community raises concerns as the solar system approaches the galactic ecliptic. An increase in solar activity seems plausible as the greatest mass in the galaxy is around the ecliptic and increased gravitational pull on the sun may be expected. Is it also predictive programming?

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