New EO to Eliminate GMO Trade Barriers

New EO to Eliminate GMO Trade Barriersfrom The United States, inc., in collusion with the biotech industry, which is headed by none other than Monsanto et. al., is successfully conducting a food war with the nations around it. The USDA and Monsanto, using international Free Trade agreements as a club, have a penchant for attempting to force other countries under threat of penalty for creating a barrier to free trade, into accepting the unacceptable at their borders, in the form of genetically modified products (GMOs). And now we have the Executive Order on Promoting International Regulatory Cooperation, another tool that can be used to push GMOs worldwide. On May 1, 2012, … President Obama has built on Executive Order 13563 by signing a historic Executive Order on Promoting International Regulatory Cooperation. The new Executive Order will promote American exports, economic growth, and job creation by helping to eliminate unnecessary regulatory differences between the United States and other countries and by making sure that we do not create new ones… All of this “red tape” that is spoken of that needs to be “eliminated” is none other than the same type of red tape and barrier to “emerging technology” that was eliminated when GMOs were declared to be “generally regarded as safe” (GRAS) by the USDA, and force-fed to the public under stealth because no labeling is required. Can we spell Codex Alimentarius – full scale harmonization of international food standards with GMOs as the food of choice? We are one step closer to full implementation.

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