Pat Sullivan Meth-For-Sex Scandal Update 2

Pat Sullivan Meth-For-Sex Scandal Update 2Jonathan Elinoff, private investigator, broke the former Sheriff Pat Sullivan meth-for-sex scandal, last November, that led to Sullivan’s arrest. Sullivan convicted on meth possession and soliciting prostitution and given a light sentence, last month, is subject of more serious allegations in a recent interview. Elinoff discusses Sullivan case with host Ross Kaminsky and the disgraced former Arapahoe County Sheriff’s possible role in death of Sean Moss. The interview reveals hurdles in investigation. Elinoff went to FBI Safe Streets Task Force, also involved in the Penn St Scandal, because of a previous sting failure the prior month by local authorities. Kaminsky and Elinoff also address question why Sullivan never charged after freely admitting on video to sex with an underage boy? You may access full survey of Pat Sullivan case by visiting New World Order report with linked videos and interviews on one page! Sullivan could hold his own with any drug addict, HIV positive, who resorted to GHB with reluctant partners! Why did Sullivan receive such a light sentence? We may already suspect an answer but interview begins to lift veil of secrecy!

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