New Light On ‘The Fallen Ones’ Of Genesis 6

Patrick Heron, author of “The Nephilim And The Pyramid Of The Apoca- lypse,” and most recently, Return Of The Anti-Christ And The New World Order,” amazes with his brand of Christianity. Heron molds solid Biblical research with high- tech, transhumanist notions, when providing interpretations of verses in books of Genesis and Revelation.  In video (at left), New Light on ‘The Fallen Ones’ of Genesis 6,” Heron explains “Nephilim” refer to fallen angels themselves not the giant offspring given birth by human women:

“So when Genesis 6 says, ‘the Nephilim were on the earth in those days’, it is referring to the fallen angels themselves. Not to giants which is a different word entirely in Hebrew. For the Nephilim fell from grace, fell from Heaven and fell to earth. Also, when it says the fallen ones were ‘on the earth’ in those days, the inference is that prior to the days of Noah, they were not on the earth, for they were still in Heaven.”

Heron discriminates between oafish sideshow of giant offspring (covered in prior post Giant Cities Of Bashan And Return Of The Nephilim) from fully supernatural beings, Nelphilim or “Fallen Ones,” who came down from heaven to Mt. Hermon.  The Devil resides in heaven, according to Heron, when coming war between the Devil and Michael occurs, the Devil will be cast down and end times begin:

“So what exactly is going to happen once the Apocalypse begins? You can forget about mutant hybrid giants coming on earth. Forget about genetically engineered super-soldiers who will devastate mankind. This is not what Scripture tells us. For what is coming down is far, far worse and even more bizarre. For it is the Devil himself and all the hordes of Hell that are soon to appear on planet earth in plain sight, just as those original 200 were seen by the humans when they descended to earth in the days of Jared.”

There’s little use in worrying about transhumanism and super soldiers, according to Heron, because supernatural beings including the Devil himself, will fill our days with ultimate horror! The author believes we’re being prepped for their appearance – supernatural beings or spirit men – among us!  It’s the reason UN appointed an “alien” ambassador, adds Heron.  It’s something to think about!   

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